Absolute Motorsport – Founded 10th November 2017 by James Casey – is an organisation specialising in creating content for diehard motorsport fans across a number of different series.

While covering the major international series such as F1, MotoGP & WRC, Absolute Motorsport also focuses on national championships here in the UK such as British Superbikes, British Touring Cars and the British Rally Championship.

Content is provided by budding young journalists with a huge passion for all things motorsport.

Absolute Motorsport creates all forms of multimedia content including Blogs, Podcasts, Videos and Social Media content.

We have active channels/accounts on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well as this website and our Across the Stages blog site.

Absolute Motorsport TV

Reporting from the forest at Wales Rally GB 2019

We get out to events around the country as much as possible to get up close with the action and stars of motorsport.

At the start of this year we began uploading content from our trips to Absolute Motorsport TV – our YouTube channel.

We aim to offer the audience an insight into what goes on behind the scenes at these events and give them a sense of what it was like to be there.

Absolute Motorsport Radio

Speaking with WRC driver Teemu Suninen at the 2019 Autosport Show

Absolute Motorsport Radio is where we hold all our in-depth discussion about the world of motorsport.

The Podcasts we produce can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor.fm and a whole host of other audio platforms.

All content from Absolute Motorsport Radio is also made available on the Absolute Motorsport TV channel.

Across the Stages Blog

Craig Breen’s Citroen C3 WRC blasts off from a time control at Wales Rally GB 2018

Rally fans are especially catered for by Absolute Motorsport. At the beginning of 2019, we set up a separate website for all our rallying content, which can be found at acrossthestages.wordpress.com.

This is the home of our articles on the World Rally Championship, British Rally Championship and Irish Tarmac Rally Championship.

It also contains the Across the Stages Podcast. This is where we analyse and discuss all the goings on from the WRC & BRC.

This Podcast has been running since the beginning of 2018 and can also be found on Absolute Motorsport TV and Radio.

Social Media

Getting predictions from six-time British Superbike Champion and Eurosport Pundit Shakey Byrne

We use Social Media to offer a behind the scenes look into what we’ve been getting up to and spread all our content.

We also aim to prompt discussion with fans to see what think about the happenings of the motorsport world.

Absolute Motorsport Ltd

The Certificate of Incorporation for Absolute Motorsport Ltd

Absolute Motorsport Ltd is a registered Private Limited Company. It was incorporated on 7th January 2019.