Introducing RaceWeek

Today we are delighted to finally announce what we have in store for the new Formula One season, and that is a brand new audio/visual platform known as RaceWeek.

This platform has been created by myself, Matthew Tuson, who has been reporting on F1 and its feeder series for the past year or so, and will cover the Formula One World Championship, as well as it’s feeder series in the form of the FIA Formula 2 Championship and the FIA Formula 3 Championship.

The clue is in the name when it comes to what to expect. This platform will mainly revolve around visual content on race weeks. The recaps of each day, which were done in written form last year, will be done in a visual format, mainly revolving around live streams soon after the track action from each day is complete. Aside from that you can also expect written review articles after each race weekend and also articles discussing various topics in the F1 and motorsport world. These written articles will be coming up on a brand new site that will be launched in due course, as well as being published here on Absolute Motorsport as well, which is where they will also be published exclusively until the site is launched.

This is an exciting project that has been many months in the making, and a benefit of this hiatus has been that it has given me more time to properly plan all my content and how this is going to work.

Make sure you tune in tonight at 20:00GMT for the first livestream to be done on this channel, which will be a season preview.

Make sure you subscribe to this YouTube channel where you will see all of the RaceWeek livestreams and videos.

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