Bad luck costs HM Engineering a return to the podium at the Nurburgring

It was another tough day for the team that could’ve been so different, as Muhammed Patel was looking to take HM Engineering’s first podium since Indianapolis. However a technical issue put him out of the race and resulted in a third straight pointless race for the team in WC.

It was a tough race for the team in Academy, with a seventh place for Stoyan Barbukov after a grid penalty that put him right down on the grid being the best result for the team. Joao Gabriel had one of his best races of the season to finish in thirteenth, whilst championship leader Matthew Tuson had a disaster, after a bad qualifying he was caught up in an incident that was caused by a technical issue, forcing an unscheduled stop and only finishing nineteenth, losing the championship lead in the process. Whilst Eric Chandra finished twenty first.

ACA Results
7. Stoyan Barbukov (HM Engineering)
13. Joao Gabriel (HM Engineering)
19. Matthew Tuson (HME Invictus Motorsport)
21. Eric Chandra (HM Engineering)

The PRO race once again proved to be the team’s strong point, however it wasn’t the strongest race for the team, Phil Kraus got the team’s best result, finishing in sixth after some impressive wheel to wheel overtaking. Lorenz Dougherty finished in fourteenth, whilst championship leader Luke Maguire had a difficult race, being involved in a couple of incidents which dropped him down to fifteenth, taking the final point. Whilst Eddy Gustina failed to finish the race.

PRO Results
6. Phil Kraus (HM Engineering)
14. Lorenz Dougherty (HM Engineering)
15. Luke Maguire (HM Engineering)
DNF. Eddy Gustina (HM Engineering)

World Championship
It looked like it could be a return to the podium for HM Engineering. New signing Muhammed Patel qualified fourth and got himself up to third, and looking like he could even challenge the leading pair. However in a cruel twist of fate, he disconnected from the server at the beginning of Lap 32, putting him out of the race instantly. The best result in WC came from Luke Maguire, standing in for the absent Jeroen Kweekel, pulling off a solid drive to finish in eleventh after starting from the pits, coming close to scoring a point for the team. Thomas Wach finished in sixteenth, whilst another tough race for Kirill Birukov saw him retire two laps from the end.

WC Results
11. Luke Maguire (HM Engineering Red)
16. Tomasz Wach (HM Engineering Yellow)
18 (DNF). Kirill Birukov (HM Engineering Yellow)
DNF. Muhammed Patel (HM Engineering Red)

The next race on the Formula SimRacing calendar takes place at the Circuit Park Zandvoort on the 12th July. You can see the action live on the Formula SimRacing YouTube channel.

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