A difficult WC race in the principality for HM Engineering

HM Azure

The principality of Azure played host to the next round of the Formula SimRacing World Championship, and after solid races in ACA and PRO, it had been a good day for HM Engineering, however a difficult race in the top category saw none of the 4 cars score points.

The day got to a good start in ACA with a double podium for the team, both Stoyan Barbukov and Matthew Tuson finished in second and third, with the latter now holding an eight point lead in the drivers standings. Joao Gabriel finished in eleventh, collecting more points for the team, whilst Job Van Uitert and Erick Chandra failed to finish the race.

ACA Results
2. Stoyan Barbukov (HM Engineering)
3. Matthew Tuson (HME Invictus Motorsport)
11. Joao Gabriel (HM Engineering)
R. Job Van Uitert (HM Engineering)
R. Erick Chandra (HM Engineering)

The PRO race was an intense one, as whilst Luke Maguire led the way the whole way through, he did have to fight for it as as his tyres went off, he faced immense pressure from Zoltan Hives at the end, who he managed to successfully fend off with a textbook display of defensive driving. The 25 points for the win was the only haul HM Engineering got, as the rest of the HM drivers, Phil Kraus, Lorenz Doughterty, Maarten Van Loozenoord, Roman Yakubovich and Ariff Roslan all didn’t see the checkered flag. As a result of Luke’s win and Phil failing to finish, Luke Maguire now leads the standings by 2 points.

PRO Results
1. Luke Maguire (HM Engineering)
R. Phil Kraus (HM Engineering)
R. Lorenz Dougherty (HM Engineering)
R. Maarten Van Loozenoord (HM Engineering)
R. Roman Yakubovich (HME Invictus Motorsport)
R. Ariff Roslan (HME Invictus Motorsport)

World Championship
Unfortunately the top class did not go to plan for HM Engineering as neither car managed to score points. Jeroen Kweekel was looking on course for a solid points paying position, having made some daring overtakes, however he hit a sensitive area of the barrier which brought an end to his race. Eros Masciulli’s race also ended when a technical issue caused his car to suddenly lag towards Kirill Birukov, who could do nothing to avoid him, sending Masciulli into the barriers. It was a tough race for Birukov as well, who was struggling to make up ground before his engine blew, whilst Thomas Wach just missed out on points and finished in eleventh.

WC Results
11. Thomas Wach (HM Engineering Yellow)
R. Kirill Birukov (HM Engineering Yellow)
R. Eros Masciulli (HM Engineering Red)
R. Jeroen Kweekel (HM Engineering Red)

The next race of the Formula SimRacing season takes place at Silverstone on the 31st May. You can catch the action live on the Formula SimRacing YouTube channel!


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