A learning curve in Portugal for HM Engineering

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The Portuguese Grand Prix at Portugal International proved to be the team’s most difficult weekend yet in all 3 divisions. Here is a recap on how the race went for each division.

In the first race of the day it was Stoyan Barbukov that was the leading HM run car, and he was battling with Dan-Ove Brantholm, however a collision with the NRWO driver meant he lost his front wing, and he finished in tenth place. Matthew Tuson had a difficult race, struggling on the hard tyres with a few mistakes, but managed to recover to eighth on the mediums, whilst Joao Gabriel failed to finish the race.

ACA Results
HME Invictus Motorsport
8. Matthew Tuson

HM Engineering
10. Stoyan Barbukov
DNF. Joao Gabriel

The team got to a good start when Luke Maguire took pole position, however he was overwhelmed by Matthew Williams and Ernests Lapins, and he dropped to third place, ahead of Philip Kraus, who drove well to finish in fourth from eighteenth on the grid. Maarten van Loozenoord finisheed in sixth, whilst the remaining HM cars, Lorenz Dougherty, Roman Yakubovich and Pedro Delgado did not see the checkered flag. Despite the winning streak being broken, HM Engineering still lead the constructors by 59 points back to second placed Drillers.

PRO Results
HM Engineering
3. Luke Maguire
4. Philip Kraus
6. Maarten van Loozenoord
DNF. Lorenz Dougherty
DNF. Pedro Delgado

HME Invictus Motorsport
DNF. Roman Yakubovich

World Championship
It was a disappointing race for the team in the top division, with the four points for eighth place collected by Jeroen Kweekel the only points for the team. After qualifying down in nineteenth, Jeroen did all he could to progress up the order on the alternate strategy and get as good a result as he could possibly get, making his car as wide as he could make it when fending off the Burst cars whilst he’d yet to stop. He changed to the soft tyres for his final stint and worked his way up to sixth, and had his sights set on Michi Hoyer’s fifth place, but a collision on the final lap dropped Jeroen to eighth. It was a tough race all round, there was more disappointment as Eros Masciulli was beaten to the final point by 2 thousandths of a second by Ground Effect’s Jos Araneda. Thomas Wach finished in thirteenth, whilst Kirill Birukov, who qualified a solid seventh, had his race ruined at the first corner after getting caught up in an incident with Tom Satherley, and with his tyre strategy ruined it was hard to recover from there, eventually retiring with an engine blowout.

WC Results
HM Engineering Red
8. Jeroen Kweekel
11. Eros Masciulli

HM Engineering Yellow
13. Thomas Wach
15 (DNF). Kirill Birukov

The next race on the Formula SimRacing schedule takes place at the famous and iconic Circuit d’Azur, which takes place on the 17th May, and will be live on the Formula SimRacing YouTube channel.


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