Invictus Motorsport and HM Engineering join forces for 2020

HM Engineering and Invictus Motorsport are delighted to announce that they have merged for the upcoming 2020 season.

The two teams will compete as a combined entry, running two teams in both WC, PRO and ACA in Formula SimRacing, with one of the teams decked out in Invictus yellow.

‘This may seem like a whole new environment for the team, but it is also a blast from the past,’ said Invictus’s team principal Matthew Tuson. ‘Many members of the team are well known to Invictus and have driven for us in the past, including Harley, so it feels like kind of a reunion in many respects. It has been a very tough past few months for the team, a couple of weeks ago, it looked like we may not even be on the grid. Now I am so glad we haven’t only survived but have teamed up with an organisation that has a similar goal which will allow the talent that exists in the team to shine.’

The driver and team line-up for all teams is as follows.

HM Engineering Red
Jeroen Kweekel
Peyo Peev

HM Engineering Yellow
Thomas Wach
Kirill Birukov*

HM Engineering
Pedro Delgado
Luke Maguire
Jan Woznica
Philip Kraus
Stephen Michaels
Jordan Weekes

HME Invictus Motorsport
Ariff Roslan
Roman Yakubovich

HM Engineering
Stoyan Barbukov
Erick Chandra
Joao Gabriel

HME Invictus Motorsport
Matthew Tuson
Claudio Cunha

* = Subject to confirmation

The team will bring over its affiliation with Absolute Motorsport, which will be increased this year as we will be covering how the team gets on in the 2020 Formula SimRacing season.

The first race takes place in Sepang, Malaysia this Sunday, which you can watch live on Formula SimRacing’s official YouTube channel.

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