F1 2010s: Top 10 Races

10. 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Baku is a circuit that has become known for producing unpredictable races and this one was one of those. The race was really turned on its head after the two Red Bulls collided, resulting in a safety car that bunched the field. Sebastian Vettel led most the way but a lock up on the restart gave Valtteri Bottas the lead before a puncture gave the win to Lewis Hamilton. Kimi Raikkonen finished in second, whilst Sergio Perez took a podium for Force India.

9. 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix

The race was already providing an epic show with a battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. A safety car after an engine failure for Valtteri Bottas brought the race on its head, and all hell broke loose. Verstappen took back the lead after making a pitstop instantly, whilst the two Ferraris of Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc collided behind. Lewis Hamilton was recovering from a bizarre strategy call before he hit Alexander Albon, costing Albon his first podium. However his loss was Pierre Gasly’s gain as he beat Hamilton in a drag race to the line to take a much celebrated second, whilst McLaren got their first podium since 2014 after a penalty for Hamilton promoted Carlos Sainz to the podium. Whilst Max Verstappen won the race in style.

8. 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix

A race that took place in treacherous conditions. Whilst it didn’t see the most exciting battle at the front, with Lewis Hamilton dominating the race, there was drama in the midfield as many cars lost it in the tricky conditions. Most notably Felipe Massa, in what was thought to be his last ever home race, leading to emotional scenes as he walked back to the pitlane, receiving applause from all the teams and being greeted by his family. This race is perhaps most known for Max Verstappen’s charge, as he pulled off some of the races most spectacular moments, which included an unbelievable pass on Nico Rosberg around the outside of Curva do Sol, a half spin which he somehow caught, and a charge to the podium after a strategy error.

7. 2015 United States Grand Prix

In damp conditions after heavy rain throughout the weekend which saw qualifying delayed to Sunday, it was a race that saw many twists and turns as a result of numerous safety car periods and on track battles. A final safety car for Daniil Kvyat crashing put Lewis Hamilton in position to challenge race leader Nico Rosberg, before Rosberg made a mistake, having a tankslapper that gave Lewis the lead, and that win was enough to secure the drivers standings.

6. 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

It was a race that had everything, multiple safety cars and mistakes, the two Force Indias colliding, launching their rivalry, Lewis Hamilton’s headrest coming loose costing him the win and Sebastian Vettel even losing his temper, bumping into Hamilton after believing he braketested him. Daniel Ricciardo got to show his skill, even passing 3 cars at once in one overtake after an early unscheduled pitstop, to win a memorable race in Baku.

5. 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The race where Kimi Raikkonen managed to secure the first win since his comeback. It was a race packed with drama, Lewis Hamilton initially led before a mechanical failure forced him out, the safety car was required on two occasions, once for a high speed collision between Nico Rosberg and Narain Karthikeyan, and for a second time after a collision between Sergio Perez, Romain Grosjean and Mark Webber. Whilst Sebastian Vettel fought his way to third after starting from the pits. Most notably, this race was famous for Kimi Raikkonen’s radio messages on his way to victory, it was the scene of his famous ‘leave me alone’ message.

4. 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

With it being the third race of the Turbo Hybrid era, and of Mercedes’ dominance, this was the race where we basically got a first glimpse of what was to come between their two drivers, as they fought it out, swapping positions on multiple occasions and at times coming ever so close to contact, rarely giving an inch. It came down to the wire after a safety car period resulting from Pastor Maldonado tipping Esteban Gutierrez into a roll. It was a hard, but fair battle that Lewis Hamilton beat out Nico Rosberg, whilst Sergio Perez took a podium for Force India.

3. 2011 Canadian Grand Prix

Fans had to wait a long time after a two hour red flag as a result of the rain, but the race we got made that wait more than worth it, as we got to see one of the most incredible fightbacks in F1 history. Jenson Button was having a bad day. He had collided with Lewis Hamilton before the red flag, collided with Fernando Alonso afterwards and went through the pits a whopping six times, one of them being a drive through penalty. But his fightback from dead last was unbelievable. He seized his way through the field and unbelievably was up to second behind dominant leader Sebastian Vettel, until on the final lap, Vettel made a mistake, and Button took an unlikely win.

2. 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

The race that settled the destiny of the drivers title between Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso. It basically had everything you could ask for in a title decider. In changeable conditions, Sebastian Vettel, who went into the race with the advantage, spun and made contact with Bruno Senna at the start, putting him to the back of the field and almost out of the race. The two McLarens were scrapping for the lead, before even Nico Hulkenberg got involved in his Force India and led much of the race, before colliding with Lewis Hamilton in the latter’s final race for McLaren. It was a race packed with carnage throughout the field, and whilst everything was going on Vettel was on an incredible fightback and he fought his way up to sixth despite a damaged car. In the end Jenson Button won the race ahead of Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, but sixth was enough to secure a third title for Vet

1. 2019 German Grand Prix

When you think of this race, you think of absolute carnage, and that is exactly what we saw. In changeable conditions, it was a race where you knew anything could happen at any moment, you didn’t know what was to happen in the next lap, let alone, the rest of the race. A slippery drag strip at the final corner caught out many drivers, including Nico Hulkenberg, Charles Leclerc, and even Lewis Hamilton. The dominant Mercedes team struggled, and only scored two points from Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas crashed at Turn 1, and even Lance Stroll and Daniil Kvyat were battling for second at one point. Eventually Max Verstappen won the race ahead of Sebastian Vettel, who fought back from last to finish in second after a mechanical issue in qualifying, whilst Daniil Kvyat took Toro Rosso’s first podium since 2008.

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