F1 2010s: Top 10 Overtakes


With Valtteri Bottas playing the team game by slowing Sebastian Vettel to help his team-mate, the Ferrari driver needed to make the pass quickly. He did so by pulling off the dummy, but pulling it off late, even clipping the grass, and made the move stick.

9. Straight round the outside – norris vs gasly bahrain 2019

In the early laps of only his second grand prix, Lando Norris pulled off an incredible pass around the outside of Gasly in the Red Bull.


Number eight is an almost identical move to number nine. After falling behind during a safety car at the 2019 British Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc managed to fight his way around the outside of Pierre Gasly at Village corner.

7. Dummy to perfection – SAINZ VS PEREZ BRAZIL 2019

The third straight 2019 entry on this list. Carlos Sainz pulled off a textbook surprise dummy, sending it at last minute and catching Sergio Perez by surprise, leaving him no choice but to yield.


Number six on this list took place in Valencia on the opening lap of the 2010 European Grand Prix. Jenson Button would make two feisty overtakes in two corners. He and Robert Kubica drove either side of Mark Webber, with Jenson having the hardest job driving around the outside. Not content with passing one, he kept his foot in and managed to get ahead of Kubica as well.

5. Fearless at 17-years-old – VERSTAPPEN VS NASR BELGIUM 2015

A breathtaking pass at over 200mph from the then 17-year-old Max Verstappen. He had shown his fearlessness on many occasions during his maiden season but his finest moment came when he attempted a pass on Felipe Nasr at Blanchimant. The same move had seen fellow countryman Daniel De Jong have a lucky escape 24 hours earlier in the GP2 support race after a high speed crash. Verstappen, however, made it work and finished off the move at the Bus Stop chicane.

4. Finding grip in unlikely places – VERSTAPPEN VS ROSBERG BRAZIL 2016

Another case of Max Verstappen’s bravery and skill. The 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix took place in wet and tricky conditions, where grip was hard to find. That didn’t phase Verstappen though as he found grip where no one else did, passing Nico Rosberg round the outside of Curva do Sol.

3. Licking the stamp and sending it – RICCIARDO VS BOTTAS CHINA 2018

During his time at Red Bull, Daniel Ricciardo was known for his daring last minute overtakes, where on many occasions he executed it to perfection. His best one of those however is easily his race winning pass in the 2018 Chinese Grand Prix, where despite Valtteri Bottas knowing what he was going to do and covering off the inside, Ricciardo still managed to find an incredibly narrow gap, and managed to make the pass stick.

2. Bravery to the extreme – Webber vs Alonso Belgium 2011

Over the years we have seen some brave passes at Eau Rouge, but this one was the bravest. Mark Webber made use of increased momentum on Fernando Alonso, who’d just exited the pits, going through a narrow gap at speeds approaching 200mph and making the move stick.

1. Keeping your foot in – Massa vs senna singapore 2012

In the poll there was a clear winner, and that was Felipe Massa’s incredibly risky overtake on his fellow countryman Bruno Senna on the Anderson Bridge at the 2012 Singapore Grand Prix. He got alongside but the Williams closed the door and squeezed him against the wall. Despite a sideways moment, Massa bravely kept his foot in and managed to make the move stick.

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