F1 2010s: Ranking the 10 Seasons

10. 2015

The second year of the Turbo Hybrid era and a season dominated by Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. This season had its moments, which included epic races at the Hungarian and the United States Grand Prix, however it didn’t see the most exciting of title battles and saw numerous dull races, hence why it probably ended bottom of the table.

9. 2011

This season saw Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull kick it up a notch and dominate both championships. It played host to many thrilling races, including the Canadian Grand Prix, however it also played host to numerous dull races and lacked a title battle.

8. 2013

Sebastian Vettel’s most dominant title. Incredibly, he won all nine of the closing races and won a fourth consecutive championship with ease. Understandably the lack of variation of winners didn’t make for the most exciting viewing for fans.

7. 2017

The first season of sweeping changes to the aerodynamics of the cars, resulting in faster and wider cars. The increased downforce led to track records being broken, and saw a title fight between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, which Lewis won out after multiple own goals from Sebastian and Ferrari. However, as expected, the increased downforce made following and overtaking tricky, and as a result 2017 didn’t see the best racing in terms of wheel to wheel action.

6. 2019

On paper, 2019 may look like another Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes walkover, and things were looking bleak for those who wanted excitement after France. However, the racing we saw after that race it can be said more than made up for the lack of a title battle. We saw classic races in Germany and Brazil, we saw battles between emerging stars Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, and we saw Lewis Hamilton make history.

5. 2016

The final year in which Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg fought for the title, and this time it was Nico Rosberg who came out on top after an intense finale before retiring from the sport. Despite being seen as an average season, it did have its moments, such as Max Verstappen making history at Spain after the two Mercedes collided, the Silver Arrows colliding again on the final lap in Austria, and Verstappen fighting through the field in the wet at Brazil.

4. 2014

The first season of the Turbo Hybrid era. It was dominated by Mercedes, who mastered the change of regulations, but was the first season of the epic rivalry between Hamilton and Rosberg, that had many key moments, such as the qualifying controversy in Monaco, an epic battle in Bahrain and a collision in Belgium. The title battle went down to the last race, where Lewis Hamilton managed to be victorious and finally take a second world title. The racing we saw down the field was also consistently good, we got to see the emergence of Daniel Ricciardo and we got to see the underdogs prevailing as Jules Bianchi scored points in a Marussia. It can be said however his ultimately fatal accident at Suzuka may have tainted what was otherwise an exciting season.

3. 2018

For much of the season it looked like it was going to be a classic fight for a fifth world championship between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. Ferrari built a car that was capable of challenging Mercedes for the title and even had the advantage at the midpoint of the season. However, Hamilton soon took the upper hand after the summer break whilst Vettel and Ferrari made numerous mistakes, which led the Mercedes driver to a fifth world title. The racing was consistently good for much of the season as well, particularly the start of the year which saw some crazy races.

2. 2010

Three brand-new teams and many big moves, such as Button’s move to McLaren, Alonso’s move to Ferrari, and Michael Schumacher returning to F1 with Mercedes (who were returning as a constructor for the first time since the 1950s) set things up for an entertaining season. Fans were treated to an epic title battle between numerous drivers, including Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, all four of whom had a shot at the title in the season finale in Abu Dhabi. In unlikely circumstances, it was Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull who ended up victorious at the end of what turned out to be a classic season.

1. 2012

Six world champions took to the starting grid in Melbourne, after Kimi Raikkonen returned to the sport after two seasons out. The season got off to an incredible start, with seven different winners from the first seven races, including Pastor Maldonado taking a shock win in a Williams at Catalunya. At the midpoint of the season, Fernando Alonso was somehow leading the championship having outperformed his unfancied Ferrari F2012. However a couple of doses of bad luck then put Sebastian Vettel in contention in a title battle that would last till an unbelievable season finale, where after a first lap spin, Sebastian Vettel hauled a damaged car back into a championship winning position to take a third title, in a crazy unpredictable race that summed up the season as a whole.

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