Singapore Grand Prix: Race Preview

After two power circuits which played to Ferrari’s strengths, this track couldn’t be more different. The lack of straights together with tight and twisty corners promise to play into the hands of their rivals.

Mercedes should be strong around this track. The combination of tight and twisty corners are basically home for the W10. However, this track could expose a weakness, which is their cooling, in one of the toughest races of the year in that department, especially with many recent engine failures of the latest Mercedes engine spec, reliability could be a concern and pressure them into turning down the engine. However this is a track where that wouldn’t cost them as much so I am expecting them to be in the fight.

The other team this is expected to play to the strengths of is the Red Bull, they have fixed the aerodynamic package of the car, and like Mercedes, the tight and twisty corners is heaven for the RB15. They have always been strong round here and with a better engine than before, we could see Verstappen fight for the win. Ferrari have the biggest question mark out of the top 3 teams. Past tracks such as Hungary, the SF90 has struggled at, however they have brought upgrades to this weekend’s race, it is going to be fascinating to see how they will pay off when the track action starts.

The midfield is going to be very intriguing indeed this weekend, but I am personally expecting McLaren to return to their position at the top of the midfield as this track will pay to their strength. On the other hand, this track could end up being a struggle for the Renault works team, judging by how past races have gone. Racing Point continue to bring upgrades to their car however historically they have struggled here, so will be interesting to see how the upgrades work. Toro Rosso will likely be battling for points this weekend as they have done regularly at this sort of track.

Alfa Romeo have often struggled at high downforce circuits so that trend may continue this weekend. Haas are hard to predict this weekend. On one hand this track may expose their tyre issues more than usual, but on the other hand, the slower speed may make this less vital than it has been in the past. Whilst Williams may be a bit faster than usual considering this sort of circuit they are less off the pace, as proven in Hungary. However they will likely still be bottom of the timing screens.

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