Singapore Grand Prix: Friday Summary

The spectacle of seeing Formula One cars on the limit under the lights of Singapore never gets old, and we were treated to that once again as the Singapore Grand Prix weekend got underway.

Talking about the front runners, Mercedes seem to be in top form as expected, the car looked to be manoeuvring round the tight and twisty corners perfectly, even able to upshift in the middle of turns 1-3. They were on the limit of adhesion, but weren’t bullet proof, as Valtteri Bottas proved in practice 1 when he hit the barrier at Turn 19 after he got a swapper and as he tried to correct it went into the tyres.

Bottas wasn’t the only driver to hit the wall, Alex Albon made a mistake at Turn 10, locking up over the bumps and clouting the wall. It didn’t end his session and he only lost his front wing, but it was not the mistake a driver who is trying to impress Helmut Marko should be making.

Red Bull as a team were a fair way off but there was speculation they were hiding something, however I get the feeling they are a little off, the car didn’t look as happy in the corners as the Mercedes did. It was as expected for Ferrari, fast in the more power dependent Sector 1, but losing a lot of time in the rest of the lap, they are behind, by how much we will find out tomorrow.

In the midfield, McLaren look to be leading the way, with Renault and Toro Rosso looking like they could fight for points as well. Racing Point also looked strong, particularly in the morning session.

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