Anthoine Hubert: 1996 – 2019

I can’t put into words how shocked and upset I am right now, as today we tragically lost fan favourite Formula 2 driver Anthoine Hubert in a horrific accident at Radillon on Lap 2 of the Feature Race.

It is impossible to comprehend. Anthoine had been one of the stars of this Formula 2 season, taking part in his rookie campaign having won the GP3 Championship last year. He had links with Renault and looked destined for F1 after victories in Monaco and France asserted himself as one to watch for the future.

After he won GP3, I have to admit I had doubts as to whether he could follow the same trajectory of Charles Leclerc and George Russell. However, the performances he pulled off this year firmly put those thoughts to bed. He has always been a contender in the sprint races in particular and he would’ve likely been a championship contender next year.

Motorsport is so safe nowadays compared to yesteryear. When injuries and deaths are so infrequent you still know there’s a risk but believe it’s impossible for this kind of thing to happen. That means when anything gravely serious does happen, it’s all the more sad.

Right now all my thoughts are with his fans, the Renault and Arden teams and of course, most of all, his friends and family.

I also send my best wishes to Juan Manuel Correa, who is currently in a stable condition in hospital following the accident. I really hope he is able to make full recovery.

One comment

  1. The infrequency of this kind of tragedy seems to make it sadder and more shocking. It feels that in this day and age we should not be experiencing such tragedy.
    The loss of a young life is always hard to understand and seems such a waste. However his family can take some comfort from knowing he achieved so much in his short life and I am sure inspired fans and people around him to chase thier dreams.


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