A new member of the team…

Hi, I am Matt Tuson and I can officially announce that I am the latest member of the Absolute Motorsport team.

I will be specialising in articles surrounding F1 and its junior categories.

I am a diehard F1 and motorsport fan and have been watching F1 since when I was 7 years old. The 2005 Canadian Grand Prix was the first race where I got hooked, and I have been ever since.

2005 Canadian Grand Prix

I now follow a whole range of motorsports, including Formula E, IndyCar, BTCC and more. As well as my F1, F2 and F3 pieces, I may also do some articles on those.

My dream is to produce media content for F1 and to have a regular trackside presence. I currently study Media & Communication at the University of Winchester.

Me joining Absolute Motorsport has been in the pipeline for a while. I have known James Casey since 2013 and I am also team principal of Invictus Motorsport, who have a major partnership with Absolute Motorsport (with the logo featuring heavily on our 2019 cars).

Invictus Motorsport compete in FSR with Absolute Motorsport logos featuring on the car

As someone aspiring to do a lot of the content that is done here, it was only a matter of time before I did some content for them.

I will do my upmost to produce content that will intrigue and entertain motorsport fans. My ambition is not just to write, but to also have a regular presence on Absolute Motorsport TV and Absolute Motorsport Radio.

I plan to produce some summer break content in the coming weeks, which will include a midseason review and what is going on in the driver market.

Turn 1 at the Hungarian Grand Prix

When the season gets back underway, I am hoping to publish a handful of articles as each race weekend unfolds. Expect to see content from the Belgian Grand Prix in particular, as I am actually attending that race.

That’s it from me for now, stay tuned as my first piece of content will hopefully come before you know it!

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